What is it?


What it is?

Caseritos cup is a series of 5 climbing competitions that take place throughout a semester. For each competition, our routesetters prepare 60 routes divided in 7 levels of dificulty, from very easy for kids and beginners, to very hard for experts. Participants will be able to compete one or two days, where they will be able to try out the proposed routes looking to get the best score in each competition. With the summation of the score of each competition, the general winners of each category are obtained at the end of the semester.

Anyone can participate! Each event is a way to approach the competition in a more relaxed way, and is also a way to measure progress and set short, mid and long term climbing goals.

Orange V Intro Rookie 10
Pink V0 - V1 Kids 15
Blue V0 - V1 Beginner 20
Green V2 - V3 Intermediate 30
Yellow V4 - V5 Advanced 40
Red V6 - V7 Expert 50
Black V8 - V16 Elite 60

How does it work?

  1. We have 9 categories: kids, male and female beginners, male and female intermediate, male and female advanced and male and female elite. If you don’t know the one you’re in, one of our coaches can guide you.
  2. There must be at least 4 people registered in each category for it to be opened. If the category was not opened in at least 3 competitions, it won’t be included in the prize ceremony at the end of the semester.
  3. You can participate, at your choice, one of two days, out of the five that last the competition (from wednesday to sunday). If you participate two days, they dont have to be consecutive. It is important that you book in advance!
  4. The maximum time you can stay per day is two hours.
  5. The first day you have to register at the front desk, where you will be given a bracelet and the name of your judge.
  6. You can try out the boulders as many times as you want. When you want to score, you have to record a vertical video taking into account:
    1. Begin the video showing the bracelet.
    2. Say your name and the number of the boulder you want to score.
    3. Climb the boulder from beginning to end, using all the starting holds and controlling the top for at least 3 seconds.
    4. All the boulder and the positioning of your legs and arms have to be clearly shown in the video. 
  7. Send the through Whatsapp to your judge. It has to be on the same day.
  8. The judge will answer if the boulder was or was not valid. If it is not valid, you wont have another chance to try it.
  9. Results of each competition are obtained by adding up the 10 highest ranked routes achieved. The score of pink boulders are only considered for children.
  10. In the case of a tie with another competitor, other boulders in addition of the highest 10 will be taken into account for a tie break.
  11. For the first three competitions, if you get a score higher than the one of the climber who placed third in the category above yours, you will be automatically promoted to the higher category for the rest of the competition. Also, if the difference between your score and the one from the competitor placed 1st on the category above yours, is 30 points or less, you will also be promoted.
  12. At the end of the semester, only the 4 highest competition scores will be considered for the general rankings.