What is it?


What it is?

Caseritos cup is a series of 5 climbing competitions that take place throughout a semester. For each competition, our routesetters prepare 70 routes divided in 7 levels of dificulty, from very easy for kids and beginners, to very hard for experts. Participants will be able to compete one or two days, where they will be able to try out the proposed routes looking to get the best score in each competition. With the summation of the score of each competition, the general winners of each category are obtained at the end of the semester.

Anyone can participate! Each event is a way to approach the competition in a more relaxed way, and is also a way to measure progress and set short, mid and long term climbing goals.

 Non MembersMembers
Caserito day 1 $25.000 $12.500
Caserito day 2 $12.500 $6.250

Orange V Intro Rookie 10
Pink V0 - V1 Kids 15
Blue V0 - V1 Beginner 20
Green V2 - V3 Intermediate 30
Yellow V4 - V5 Advanced 50
Red V6 - V7 Expert 70
Black V8 - V16 Elite 100

How does it work?

  1. We have 8 categories: kids, male and female beginners, male and female intermediate, male and female advanced, and male elite. If you don’t know the one you’re in, one of our coaches can guide you.
  2. There must be at least 4 people registered in each category for it to be opened. If the category was not opened in at least 3 competitions, it won’t be included in the prize ceremony at the end of the semester.
  3. You can participate, at your choice, one of two days, out of the four that last the competition (saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday). If you participate two days, they have to be consecutive days.
  4. If you participate two days, the registration fee of the second day will be half of the price.
  5. The competition doesn’t have any fixed schedule. You can compete the whole day or just a couple of hours.
  6. You can try out the boulders as many times as you want.
  7. When you want to score a route, you must ask an authorized judge and you will have 2 tries, not necessarily consecutive, to climb the route. You can work the route between the two qualified attempts.
  8. Results of each competition are obtained by adding up the 10 highest ranked routes achieved. The score of pink boulders are only considered for children.
  9. In the case of a tie with another competitor, the number of attempts to achieve the routes will be considered.
  10. The authorized judges are the instructors and climbers competing in advanced and elite categories, that have previously registered as judges and have the judge bracelet.
  11. In each competition, if you get a score higher than the one of the climber who placed third in the category above yours, you will be automatically promoted to the higher category for the rest of the competition.
  12. In each competition, if you obtain a score higher above the following limits for your category, you will be automatically promoted to the higher category:
    • Kids: 170.
    • Female beginners: 200
    • Male beginners: 280
    • Female intermediate: 360
    • Male intermediate: 460
    • Male advanced: 650
  13. The last two rules don’t apply for the last two competitions of each semester.
  14. At the end of the semester, only the 4 highest competition scores will be considered for the general rankings.